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Special solutions for the water and waste treatment



With more than 47 years of experience in gearbox market and more than 1.000.000 gearboxes, I-MAK Reduktor is providing special solutions for a large spectrum of sectors. 

Core part of our sectors of activity, water and waste treatment, represent a key sector for us. In close collaboration with our customers and end users, we developed specific solutions for this demanding sector of activity. Today, I-MAK geared motors are used in the production of water, domestic, industrial water treatment, recycling, and disposal of solid waste… We are proud to actively participate to the development of this sector with innovative products and engineering solutions.

Complete solutions for the water treatment

  • IR Series: Helical bevel gearboxes 
  • ADS Series: Aerator gearboxes 
  • YP Series: Parallel shaft gearboxes
  • M Series: Monobloc gearboxes 

With a rarefaction of the resource and growing demography, protection of the environment and water quality are critical for cities and industrial actors of our society. The hydric stress is now reaching all the parts of the world and it is widely accepted as a top world priority. 

I-MAK is actively contributing to the optimization of water treatment stations and the reduction of their impact on the environment. From the primary to the secondary treatment, we are providing a full range of solutions. Installed on sensible pools in outside environment, I-MAK gearboxes are equipped with a full range of specific features to avoid, oil leakage, penetration of foreign body (Rain, dust, mud, chemicals…) in the driving units. Special paint coating and canopy protect the unit from corrosion risks. Gearboxes are also featuring special shafts and reinforced bearing to support axial and radial loads. Our network of resellers, technical and mounting centers around the world is also helping us to provide quick and quality feedback to our direct customers and end users. In parallel, I-MAK also implemented a 7/24 technical service line, available in 5 different languages, this assistance is adding an extra proximity with end users and constitute a key factor to minimize downtimes and lack of productivity. 

Key applications in water treatment:

  • Agitators
  • Mixers
  • Rotating discs
  • Pumps 
  • Clarifiers 

4DSM agitators gearboxes in a water treatment plant (ARMES project)

With more than 1.000.000 products references, I-MAK reduktor is also proposing 4 different series of gearboxes designed and configured for water and chemical treatment plants. With specific gear, housing and mounting position configuration, each of these units are set to match the critical requirement of various applications. 

Advanced technology for waste treatment optimization

During the last 20 years, municipalities switched from a model focusing on burying and burning waste to processing and value addition. Nowadays waste is considered as a precious resource that can be transformed and reused. Waste is now centralized in modern facilities with renewed business models and philosophy. Pioneer in this field and rich of more than 47 years of experience in the power transmission industry. I-MAK recently added a key references to their list of project, in close collaboration with the municipality of Pendik in south Istanbul and various Turkish companies, I-MAK developed special solution for the first fully automated waste treatment plant in Turkey. With a capacity of 2.000 Tons per month, this new installation is automatically sorting various sort of waste using the latest automation technologies. 

 I-MAK solutions are also contributing to the reduction of energy consumption and process optimization. Using our new I-MAK-E program and devices, we are offering to the customers the possibility to monitor all the dynamic and evolutions of their gearboxes. Combined in a single device, I-MAK-E system is measuring and tracking a combination of key data. Customers are now able to measure and follow the vibration, temperature and noise level of the gearbox. Collected and compiled together these data are compared with the initial activity “finger print” of the gearboxes, in the same time collected data are set to give particular alarm when figures reach a certain level. Following the global tendency of the market, this key addition to our range of solutions is helping our customers to move from periodic to condition based maintenance. Walking together to reduce unplanned downtime, increase lifetime and reinforce plant security with less onsite maintenance and control. 

Key applications in waste treatment:

  • Conveyor
  • Sorting facilities
  • Shredders
  • Compactors

International sales and marketing director, I-MAK. With his passionate and curious identity, Salim Haffar, is a professional, having an international background. French director aims to introduce Turkish quality and vision to the world.

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