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13.000 KM Technological caravan to Mongolia



Born from the envy to help and taste for adventure, TECHNOMADS project is a unique initiative willing to help engineering students in Central Asia, and spread the Turkish industrial expertise toward the region.

Initiated by two French Salim HAFFAR / Kévin PREMEL, professional working and passionate by Turkey, this trip will cover 13.000 kilometers, from Turkey to Mongolia. Driving a second hand 4×4 Mitsubishi car, this trip will take the two adventurers toward Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirghizstan, Russia and Mongolia. Crossing seas, forest, desert and thousand kilometers of empty steppes. The team will be fully independent with their auto built caravan integrating a kitchen, a tent, a shower and a mobile technical showroom to present some of the technical solutions.

The two friends are going to visit universities in each country to provide them help and support. The main aim is to contribute to the technological development of local universities and research centers. The Technomads are going to deliver a large range of technical material, samples, documentation and technical seminar in each place. The material is ranging from 3D printers to electrical components.

This projects won’t exist without the support of various Turkish and International companies willing to contribute to the development of the old Turkish republic and  build up a brighter future for local engineers. Many companies also see this as a unique opportunity to raise awareness toward their products and solutions and unique expertise.

The project will also impact Turkey as the two friends are already booked by several universities around Turkey to give seminars and conference on this unique adventure. Hopefully inspiring young Turkish engineers to discover the world to spread the Turkish Industrial expertise.

The project will start at the end of August and will take 40 days. You can still contribute to this unique projects with material donation of financial help via the Technomads plateform!

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