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Pin Oven Chains for the Beverage Can Industry



Cans are still the »classic» drinks packaging choice in the food and beverage industry. After forming, one of the next high-speed production processes the cans undergo is painting. Specially-developed roller chains have become the preferred conveying technology for this rapid transfer, during which the cans are held in place by protective heads connected to the chain by special transport pins.

The pin oven chains (POC) developed by iwis offer a number of unique advantages. The precision roller chains themselves are particularly wear-resistant and they are treated with the iwis special lubricant IPP before they leave the factory. IPP is PWIS-free, non-drip, suitable for high temperatures and approved for use in the food industry.

Transport pins can be replaced easily without breaking the chain or removing it from the machine. Three different fixture possibilities are available – pins are integrated in the outer chain plates, secured with special nuts or fixed with split-pins. Users can also choose between two pin versions: flexible or snap-off. The flexible pin – for example after an accidental impact caused by a conveyor jam – can be quickly and easily bent back to its originally position by hand. The advantage of the snap-off pin is that it will break off in the event of a shock or accidental contact with an obstacle during operation. The snap-of solution is possible because both transport pins and chain pins have the hardness and thus the same wear resistance. This can be of importance when producing steel cans with a risk of jamming the production machines, when the pins do not break. The length of the transport pins can also be adapted to the requirements of individual specifications.

Finally, the standard protective head is made from high-quality PEEK which is heatproof up to at least 260 °C and is resistant to a variety of chemicals. A high-temperature elastomer head (ECT) developed and pa-tented by iwis is also available as an alternative. With its design, it can be replaced easily without the need for complex tools and it is robust in everyday operation because its damping properties are similar to those of a spring. It is made from PWIS-free material that is approved for use in contact with food.

Well-equipped in every respect: a comprehensive range of spare parts and user-friendly tools for assembling and dismantling chains round off the iwis pin oven chain programme.

iwis is always able to offer can manufacturers a high-quality conveyor chain solution that is tailormade for their individual application requirements. The hallmark of quality: all production series use JWIS brand precision roller chains, so long service life and reliable aftersales service are guaranteed.

In addition to pin oven chains, Munich-based chain specialist iwis provides a full product range for all drive and conveying applications. This also includes precision and high-performance roller chains, conveyor chains, maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant chains, power and free conveyor chains, special-purpose conveyor chains, flyer chains, flat-top chains, modular belts, chains and accessories for agricultural machinery, and timing drives for the automotive industry.

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