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Optimal Solutions for Hoists and Cranes



For half a century, I-MAK has been an active participant in the mechanical power Transmission industry, consistently introducing new and innovative solutions to its customers and partners. With an impressive catalog of over 1,000,000 product references, which allow I-MAK to serve a diverse range of industries worldwide.

The IRC Series, meticulously designed for the hoist and crane industries, boasts a versatile lifting capacity that spans from 0.5 tons to 50 tons, achieved through various fall combinations. Adhering to ISO, DIN, and FEM Standards, the IRC Series’ calculations and configurations meet top-class standards, guaranteeing maximum security and a seamless, efficient operation. These gearboxes are available in six different housing sizes, constructed with GG25 housing material and 16MnCr5 gears, ensuring high quality, strength, and silent operation.

With the IRC Series capable of handling up to 50 tons of lifting capacity, it has become a pivotal component in the global crane and hoist industry, renowned for its compact design, ease of mounting, and low maintenance requirements.

In harsh and complex environments, facing challenges such as dust, heat, chemicals, and water, I-MAK gearboxes are well-protected with a specific C Class painting, dust-proof seals, and IP65 rating, effectively preventing corrosion and external damage. This safeguarding extends the gearboxes’ lifetime while reducing maintenance costs for end-users. The IRC gearboxes offer smooth operation and a prolonged lifespan by coupling with a wide range of input options. The IRC Series’ specialized design, featuring long bearing distance and tapered roller bearings, enhances radial load capacity, meeting the demanding requirements of ISO/FEM classifications.

I-MAK’s commitment to the crane and hoist industries extends beyond the IRC Series. The brand also offers an array of solutions for various applications, including parallel geared motors (YP series), helical geared motors (IR Series), and bevel geared motors (IRK Series), integrated with frequency inverters to provide precise translation movement. Recent advancements have led to the introduction of completely new and bigger housings in its IGU series gearboxes, tailored for heavy hoist and crane applications. Featuring eight additional housing sizes and various gear configurations, the M Series delivers a standard configuration output torque of up to 70 000 Nm, enabling crane producers to achieve a remarkable lifting capacity of 100 tons.

The IRC Series and I-MAK solutions have a global presence, already active in over 50 countries, supporting a wide range of industries and applications. These gearboxes demonstrate their reliability in challenging environments, such as the colossal phosphate mines of Morocco, standing strong against dust and sunlight in remote regions, and facilitating the handling of substantial materials in large steel and foundry plants across India. Complex configurations are also employed throughout the US, catering to diverse industries.

In these intricate and rapidly evolving times, I-MAK remains dedicated to its core principles and mission. The brand continues to serve and assist various industries globally, offering prompt and effective support through an extensive network of sales offices, service centers, and online engineering assistance. Embracing the future, I-MAK invests in a robust R&D team and collaborates with multiple producers and technological centers worldwide, cementing its position as an integrated player in the international gearbox and power transmission market.


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